February 11, 2019

Boston Celtics ranked fifth-most valuable franchise by Forbes

Forbes recently released their NBA team evaluations, a yearly look at what each franchise is worth. For the third straight year, the Boston Celtics clock in as the fifth-most valuable team at $2.8 billion.

Forbes picked an interesting time to release their yearly NBA team evaluations, just mere days before the February 7th trade deadline. Don’t be too distracted by trade announcements to read it, though, because the post includes some compelling information, including where the Boston Celtics stand in terms of league revenue.

For the third straight year, the Celtics retain their spot as the fifth-most valuable franchise in the league, with an estimated worth of $2.8 billion. This trails the Chicago Bulls by $100 million for fourth, and lags behind the league’s most valuable New York Knicks by $1.2 billion.

The Brooklyn Nets are the sixth-most valuable team in the NBA, with an estimated worth of $2.35 billion. This leaves a large cushion for Boston in fifth, meaning it’ll likely be a while before we see the Celtics drop out of the top five.

Such numbers are to be expected with the market and history Boston has, but it is worth noting that their value experienced a 12% increase from last year. Like most of the league, the Celtics are continuing to grow in estimated worth as a franchise.

The full list of franchises expands a bit on specifics, such as Boston’s $287 million revenue and $100 million operating income.

While these numbers aren’t that important to fans in the general context of the NBA, it’s always a good sign to see that the Boston Celtics are still one of top teams financially, and their market share remains a good indicator of future success. As much as Anthony Davis’ father might like to disagree, the Boston market has a lot of pull for free agents, so seeing the financial status quo maintained in 2019 is a win for the franchise.

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