July 11, 2018

Would you rather have Terry Rozier or Isaiah Thomas coming off the bench for your team?

We all know Terry Rozier was fucking fantastic in this playoffs. But we also know that you guys did some amazing stuff with IT, and if any coach knows how to use him, it’s Brad.

So if you had to choose between either of them coming off the bench (assuming Kyrie is your first option), who would you pick?

Rozier might not be a much better 1v1 defender than IT but he does much more for the team defense with his rebounding alone. His “free safety” ability to react and create/grab loose balls with his wingspan and quickness is far more than what IT brings as well. We’ve now seen what Terry can do with opportunity on offense as well, the dude can absolutely score the ball and is only a half a step below IT as a creator. When you put this together combined with age and injury history it’s a no brainer to go with Rozier.

Rozier has improved every year. He’s on an upward trajectory which at this point is difficult to put a ceiling on. But we do know he’s atleast a 6th man of the year candidate for most contending teams.

IT is on a downward trajectory from his injury. For me it’s too much of a risk.

Going with Rozier as an easy choice.

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