January 24, 2019

All-Time best Celtics by skill (scoring, passing, rebounding, etc)

Players ranked on what they did for Boston, in terms of quality and length of years with Celtics. (Pertinent career stats and years listed are compiled when playing with Celtics only) The All-Celtic Shooter team 1st team Center-Dave Cowens-1970-80: 46.0 FG%, 78.3 FT%, 18.2 ppg Forward-Larry Bird (co-captain)-1979-92: 49.6 FG%, 88,6 FT%, 4-time NBA FT […]

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January 14, 2019

LeBron James: Celtics legend speaks out over star’s Anthony Davis remarks

James said it would be “incredible” if the New Orleans Pelicans star joined his Lakers outfit. However, many franchises expressed their concern and suggested the small forward was ‘tampering’. An anti-tampering memo was consequently sent to all teams by league officials where they were reminded of their conduct, although there was no reference to the […]

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